Best Projectors To Buy For Home Theater, Presentation, and Gaming-TechDesert 2020. As we all know a projector is something which is a very important thing to display something when we are with friends or in an office meeting where we cant use a Tv, Mobile, or Tablet to watch or present something.

Best budget Projectors for HomeTheaters

1- Epson EH-TW7400

Epson EH-TW7400 is not a truly 4k projector as it is not bright enough on HDR mode, though it supports 3D mode. If we talk about its price it is available in £1700. If we talk about its pros it provides with excellent picture quality, Images are very accurate and balanced, It also provides low input lag which is good for gaming, SDR images are pleasingly rendered, while HDR is fairly good even if it struggles with the tone-mapping of HDR content. If we take a look at cons it comes with Poor blacks and shadow detail and Not bright enough for true HDR

2-BenQ W2700

BenQ W2700 is one of the best 4k projectors, though I didn’t personally check it, after looking at reviews it looks good under £5000. The official price is £1500. Some of the pros are. This projector size is very sweet it can be placed on any normal size coffee table. This projector is marketed by a truly 4k resolution with 8.3M pixels and HDR playback is flawless. It comes with a built-in speaker Chamber Speaker 5W x 2. The vertical scan rate is from 23-120HZ and it also supports 3D compatibility. Now if we discuss the cons. It has a Slightly high input lag for gaming which indicates that it is not suitable for gaming. Black levels only fair to middling for SDR playback and Minor rainbow effect.

3-Sony VPL-VW270ES

Sony VPL-VW270ES as we all know Sony is a well-known company for manufacturing screens, mobile projectors, and many gadgets that are popular for their color, pictures, and resolutions. Now, this projector is available at £5000. If we talk about pros then, we can call it a true 4k performer, it provides very impressive 4k HDR sharpness and outstanding HDR flexibility and the last one is its outstanding lens control. Then if we discuss cons it requires regular input for optimized HDR pictures and Black levels weaker than step-up Sony models.

Best projectors for gaming and Conference meetings

1-BenQ TH671ST

BenQ TH671ST is the cheapest and best projector for gaming. This projector comes under a $1000 price bracket but the invoice price is $700. If we talk about its specs then let’s have a look at the pros it comes with very low input lag which enhances the gaming experience and makes it super smooth and it also provides 15,000-hour long lamp life for extended gaming. It has built-in 5W speakers. It supports 1080P which provides great display and picture quality with too much detail in a game. The cons are that lack of dedicated input buttons and cannot read files from USB memory; USB A port is strictly for powering HDMI dongle.

2- Benq TH585

Benq TH585 this projector can also be recommended for smooth console gaming. If we talk about its price this comes at $600. If we look at its pros this projector has low input lag for console gaming and you can also use it as home theaters because it has 3500 lumens, 10W built-in speakers, and full HD mode with a frameless big screen. It also provides enhanced game modes. If we look at its cons it did not have as such cons because the price in which it comes is very decent and easily affordable.

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