Epic Game Free Games this week-2020. Epic games are just winning their fan’s hearts by giving free games every week this time they come up with very great titles that I will discuss. They have already given Gta 5, WatchDogs and assassins creed etc.

Next week games- Hitman and Shadowrun collection.

Hitman 2016 and Shadowrun will be free on the epic store on 27 August 2020. Shadowrun collection is not a popular title so many of you might not be familiar with Shadowrun, but let me tell you about this game, its basic science fantasy role-playing game set on a fictional universe. Until these games are not available on the store you can get the current games which are Enter the Gungeon and God’s trigger.

How to get these free games??

To avail of these games or any games in the future you just need to make an account on epic games and then search game title, after searching you will see them in the free option just click it and done.

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