Epic games new gift next week. As we all know that epic games are just winning their fans heart every week. They just launch new epic games every week which is absolutely free and quiet highly demanded pc games or highly demanded video games.

Epic games new gift.

Previous week epic store games were

  • Railway Empire
  • Into the Breach
  • Where The Water Tastes Like Wine

These are the games which will be ending on September 17, so if you haven’t enrolled them for free so hurry up before the times ends.

Now comes the best gift from an epic store of this month. The most exciting epic store news is to make Rocket league free to play from 23 rd September 2020 and according to leaks that it will be free for permanently, but still we can’t take a risk and I will suggest you guys to set time on your watches for this game and other games too.

Rocket league News

Rocket league is basically a vehicular soccer video game and its developed and published by Psyonix. Psyonix is an Amereican video game developer and they are best known for this Rocket league. This game is just like a soccer game but in replacement of humans we have cars and a ball.

Epic games new gift

Best rocket league player

Best Rocket League player was Victor Locquet with the game ID fairy peak and this boy is from France.

Rocket League Gameplay

Rocket League Gameplay is just insane, I played this game on Ps4 and I can say this game is really fun to play. The graphics of this game are awesome as well as animations. This game is quite good for kids age of 10-12 but a good time pass game for adults.

This is the gameplay video of rocket league.

Railway Empire Review

Railway empire is building or infrastructure type game in which you have to build railway tracks and to expand your railway company. This game is developed by German studio Gaming Minds Studios and produced by Kalypso Media.

Railway empire Gameplay

Though I didn’t play or tried this game till yet but it has very good reviews and you can also have a look at it.

Where The Water Tastes Like Wine free

Where The Water Tastes Like Wine this game is an adventure game and a single-player game. This game is developed by  Dim Bulb Games and Serenity Forge, and published by Good Shepherd Entertainment.

Where The Water Tastes Like Wine Gameplay

This game is quite different from other games and it is very unique type game. This game is an adventurous type game and travelling sharing stories, and surviving manifest destiny. Other than that we need to earn money to buy food and to live, as well as we have many transportation ways to travel, such as hiking, walking and horse. Though I didn’t try, according to rating its seems time pass game or good for kids.

Rating on steam is 9/10 which is quite impressive.

Free Games Epic store

Many people had question about epic games account creation and how to purchase game.

I will write a question and then answer

Epic Games launcher:

  • epic games launcher black screen
  • epic games launcher white screen
  • how to close epic games launcher

The answer for the first two questions is that make sure that you have downloaded the epic launcher correctly if so then restart the app if the same error occurs reinstall the launcher. Answer for the last question is that press Esc or windows button or windows E. The other things many people ask is where to download epic games launcher? You can press this link.

  • Epic games account cretion and how to purchase a game?

Just go to epic games website and create an account just by clicking on the sign up after that go to the epic store and search the game you want to install after clicking it press get and it will start downloading and to check it go to the library.

  • epic games store key redeem

to redeem the key/code first you need to have an account on epic games after creating an account you need to go on your name which appears on bottom left of launcher or if on web then top right after pressing you see a redeem option press it and enter the code you bought after inserting code press redeem and after redeeming you will get an email of successful.

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