who is sucker punch??

Hi,So Sucker punch production just launched their new flagship product on 17th july 2020.Which is an exclusive on ps.Sucker punch production is an American first-party video game developer.After the success of thier last game”infamous second son”So now they launched a new beast “Ghost of Tsushima” which is nailing the gaming community with rating of 9/10.The price of this game is set to be 59.99$ on us store,49.99¬£ on uk and 69$ on Australian store.

Details and features

Ghost of Tsushima is a story based game which revolves around a sumurai who epitomizes the theory of ghost style.Though it is said that its the best open world game set during the time of mangol invasion of japan.The game is set in late 13th century.It is filled with tasks,side missions and very other enjoyable things at every turn.You have access to a fog-of-war obsecured world map,there’s no minimap or compass when you are out of menus.Rather you have to make use of visuals clues around the landscape to find points of interest.Ghost of Tsushima’s stealth sections are almost always optional but always enjoyable.There are plenty of hiding spaces from which to plan an attack and a good arsenal of ranged weapon to use to distract or dismember.It also have very surreptitious moves and attack based on samurai code.

System requirements

The requirements of this game on Ps4 will be almost 32-35gb on the console’s hard drive.

Gameplay time

This game has amazing graphics and beautiful visuals as well as some satisfying samurai combats.This game requires almost 20 hours of continuous gameplay to end the game and if you only focus on main mission and almost 30-35 hours if you also play side missions.

Is it worth it? Should you buy it?

This game is totally worth buying with amazing story line,graphics gameplay and open world side missions which makes this game very strong in this league.

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    I was little bit confused while making this decision but now i had cleared up my all doubts

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