So guys Xiaomi surprised us again with a new smartwatch, its actually from haylou , but it doesnt matter because this company comes under xiaomi’s ecosystem. Now This smartwatch is called “Haylou Solar-smart Watch”, yes and don’t be surprised when I tell you there is no solar functionality,like it does not charge from solar power and it doesn’t have do anything with the solar,its just for name sake. According to the company, this super-cost-effective smartwatch is selling for only 149 yuan ($21). And for this price you are a getting a lot. Its design is circular and the frame is made up of metal together with a 22mm comfortable, breathable and pleasant to touch silicone strap. It supports 12 sports modes, all-day heart rate monitoring, and 30-day long standby.this smartwatch has a 1.28-inch full-color TFT LCD screen with a resolution of 240 × 240pixels. It also gets a protective glass for even more protection. Among its functionality. Lets start with the battery first – It gets30-day battery life ie (340mAh) but it drops by half if 24-hour heart rate monitoring is turned on. yes, that reminds me I haven’t mentioned about that – it has a heart rate sensor capable of remaining active 24 hours and sports monitoring capable of recognizing up to 12 different types of physical activities that includes. Outdoor running Walking Mountain Climbing Cycling Elliptical training Yoga Treadmill runningFree training Gymnastics Basketball Soccer and Rowing But interestingly enough it does not include swimming. Yes it gets IP68 rating, but there is no wayto monitor anything while swimming. Anyways you’ll have peace of mind when youtake it for swimming or wear it in the shower. The Haylou Solar connects via Bluetooth 5.0and there is a dedicated app called the Haylou Fit for setting up the watch and for more detailed info on your physical is fully compatible with Android 4.4 or higher and iOS 8.0 or higher systems. The price of this new Haylou Solar or HaylouLS05 is only 149 yuan, about 19 euros , or 21Dollars or 1600Rs. It has crossed its crowdfunding goal and will begin shipping May 18, 2020. So compared to LSO1, the Haylou Solar (LS05)has few more features with change in design as well, however it costs like 7 more bucks. So Tell me in the comments. Do you like this watch. and thats it for today,hope to see you in the next one Peace out.

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