Is it still worth buying a Huawei phone after the fallout between the company and google?? As we all know it been a year google and Huawei both are in a fight and due to that Huawei is not allowed to use Google services in their mobile or tablets.

So should we consider it??

It’s completely on your own personal opinion and choice, as some of the people are a fan of their Emui skin and its interface they are just attached to it. But if I share my opinion I will not recommend Huawei devices to anyone due to the lack of Google services. Just think about it that can you use a Mobile or a tablet if it has no Browser, Youtube, Playstore, and Google security updates. Similar is the case with Huawei right now. Though Huawei launched their own App store and they had their browser also but their AppStore is not that much optimized and don’t provide as many apps as the play store used to provide.

Is there any way that we can use the play store or any other google service on it??

The short and simple answer is NO because officially it’s prohibited and you might have seen videos on youtube regarding this but trust me it doesn’t work very well even it can bring a virus to your device or Slow down.

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