The last S series launched by Samsung is S20 which is the most premium and impressive smartphone to date. Now let’s check what Samsung will cook up for the Galaxy S30. Today on 5th August Samsung has planned to do Unpacked and this will be a second unpacked in 2020 the last one was already done in Feb,2020.

I’ll be uploading another article in which I will tell what can we expect in Unpacked of Samsung which will take place on 5,August,2020.

Leaks and news

According to leaks and rumors, Samsung is going to launch their new flagship device soon this year or later.


As we all know Samsung every time comes with another design which is always newer than the previous one. This time according to rumor Samsung is working on the “perfect full-screen design” and Samsung S30 could make this vision a reality. Samsung is thinking to eliminate punch holes from the screen and make it a full-fledged screen, So Samsung might hide cameras or make it invisible on the screen, “while not affecting the camera’s function in any way.” The frame might be a metal build with rounded glass on front and back which might look creepy by listening but it will be a new innovation by Samsung.

  • Performance and processor

If we talk about American built phone so obviously we gonna see Snapdragon processor and on the unit which will be launched in the rest of the world will have Exynos SOC.

On the snapdragon front, the new chipset is expected to be the Snapdragon 875+ which will be a 5NM chipset and there will also be a 5G modem included with the chipset.

According to the Exynos series, Samsung might name it Exynos 1000 or some 900 series name which is again a 5NM SOC. The latest geekbench leaked that the Exynos chip will be providing 3X better and fast performance than Snapdragon 865. This performance seems quite impressive and might compete with Apple iPhone 12.

Another news that is coming might disappoint some of Samsung fans and that would be, Samsung might remove the charger from the box which is the so-called apple strategy to kick-off everything from the box. Samsung might follow this step to reduce pollution and to keep the phone’s price slightly down.

Other features

N0 battery capacity and charging speed is leaked up till now and if we talk about display it might have 120 or up to 144hz display with QHD+ display which will be having a beast display until now. leaks about are camera are also very attractive which tell that Samsung is thinking to launch 150MP camera and it might provide 100X ultra optical-Hybrid zoom.

My opinions

As we don’t have enough details about this phone so we can’t compare or make decisions, but as we all are familiar with Samsung popular and their specialties which are display, Cameras, and more advanced and stable functions. Overall Samsung battery timings are also very stable.

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