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W26 Smartwatch Review Best Apple Clone or Best Full Display watch. If you are finding cheap smartwatches or watches like Apple or Best waterproof smartwatch with heart rate monitor then you can consider this watch W26. I will be sharing an honest review with you as I am using this watch right now.

W26 Smartwatch Best Apple Clone or Best Full Display Watch-Tech-Desert

W26 Budget watch Review.

This watch is one of the first Chinese watches which I personally loved because of its look and quality. This watch is one of the first watches at least which I have seen which comes with Fullscreen display just like Apple watches that’s why If we call it Best Apple clone it won’t be wrong. This watch comes with 1.75 display and 320 x 385 pixels resolutions. This watch comes with changeable straps just like apple watches which is one of the most satisfying things to do.

Is W26 watch water proof?

W26 Smartwatch Best Apple Clone or Best Full Display Watch-Tech-Desert

Yes, this watch can be called Best waterproof watch in some sense because this watch comes with IP 68 water-resistant which is quite a unique feature and as a budget watch this can be outstanding feature.

W26 Price in pakistan?

W26 Price in Pakistan is RS. 5000 and the Specifications of this watch is unbeatable in this range trust me. I will also make a list on best smartwatches to buy-in Pakistan and will definitely discuss there to

W26 Battery Capacity?

W26 Battery Capacity is 220 mah which is not a good Battery capacity in this price but it is still a relatively good watch considering other beast features.

W26 Review?

So if I give you my honest opinion on it then this device interface is a looser thing here because it moves a bit slow and sometimes laggy but overall features are quite good and the main selling point of this watch is its display and body looks that are just amazing one of the best cheap smartwatches I have seen, let me tell you the good part of this watch is its display which is a full-screen display or infinite LCD display like if you have seen that many Chinese watches have for example body of 5 inches but their actual display is quite small like 3 or 3.5 inches but now in this watch, we get a body of 1.75 inches and exactly 1.75 inches display which makes it most superior device. Other than that it feels quite comfortable in your hands.

W26 features and specs?

If i tell features in the list then

  • Quite an impressive build quality
  • Blood pressure sensor
  • Heart rate sensor
  • ECG monitor
  • Real body temperature
  • many sports modes
  • Apple clone
  • cheap
  • Good touch
  • Changeable straps option
  • average battery
  • magnetic charging option
  • Amazing Apple watch faces(2-3)
  • Raise to awake
  • call feature
  • Remote camera
  • Metallic Body

If i define in words

  • Cheap Apple watch clone
  • Best budget watch
  • Luxury smartwatch 2020
  • Raise to awake
  • Remote camera in the cheap watch is another great feature
  • Metallic Body

Other than that it can be used with Both Ios and android device and you can get into more advanced options by just scanning QR Code which is given in watch setting and user manual. W26 Smartwatch Review Best Apple Clone or Best Full Display Watch

You can have a look on more pics by clicking this text

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The ECG heart rate and all those features are obviously not accurate or real but still, there is a feature.

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