What to do when the phone hangs, stuck, freeze, or not responding-TechDesert. Nowadays every single person is using smartphones as their daily drivers for the business, Gaming, videos, etc. Some users also say that only android gets hang, stuck but let me tell you that this can happen to every device down there, whether you have Ios, Android, Windows, or any phone they can get hanged anytime.

Android solution

If you have an android phone and if it gets freeze first try to close it’s all recent applications and if your phone has battery removable feature than that’s great you just need to remove the battery and insert it again and there you go. But what to do when these steps don’t work so this step will mostly work you need to press all 3 buttons(Power, Volume up, Volume down) of your device it can be tablet or smartphone then your device will be auto-restart you can also call it Hard-restart.

IOS Solution, iPhone 8, x,11

If your phone is hanged and you need to restart it then you need to press the ON/OFF key until the red slider appears which says to turn off your device just slide it towards the right. Now if turning the iPhone off and back on again doesn’t fix the problem, or the iPhone is unresponsive when you try to turn it off, you have to reset it by doing these steps: press the ON/OFF button and home button for 10 seconds, Until the Apple logo appears.

How to be safe from this type of issue.

When this type of issue occurs mostly we get worried that our mobile is waste and we need to change the mobile, But no listen, this issue mostly occurs because of less ram storage and when we open many apps at the same time the ram storage exceeds and it starts hanging or some time it gets too slow but u only need to clear your recent nonactive app side by side. The next possible thing is that an unlicensed app is misbehaving at the backhand and that can crash your mobile too.

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