Xbox series X launching and details-TechDesert. Xbox fans should get excited that Microsoft has just announced Xbox launched date and some more details.

New Xbox launch date, Specs, and details.

Xbox fans, there is some good news for you that Microsoft just confirmed that their upcoming console, The Xbox Series X will launch on November 2020 though they didn’t mention the exact launch date of the console. If we talk about pricing, there is the same case of pricing that is not yet announced, I think Microsoft will announce the launch date and price together.

Side by side I had another bad news for Xbox fans that Microsoft also confirmed in their official blog that Halo infinite which was alongside the console has now been delayed to 2021. On this official blog they told that we want to give the best experience to gamers of Halo infinite that’s why we need a little more time to balance the game and to give the best experience.

Xbox Series X Game titles.

Many people are worried nowadays that what would they play on their new-gen Xbox as we all know that Sony PlayStation is coming with many special and most awaited titles. So Xbox is also here and many games are in development for your new-gen console including the exclusives like The Medium, Scorn, Tetris Effect: Connected, and more(These games will also be available with game pass). Xbox also confirmed in their blog that they planned to bring 50 games to the next-gen console which includes Assassins creed Valhalla, Dirt 5, Gears Tactics, Yakuza: Like a Dragon, and Watch Dogs: Legion

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